Bubble Shooter 2

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It’s true what they say: once you pop, you can’t stop. Once you see that first combination of bubbles burst, you likely won’t be stopping anytime soon so be ready to spend countless of hours trying to wipe the screen clean from all those colorful marbles in this highly addictive popular online game Bubble Shooters 2.Play Bubble Shooter 2 from any computer and start popping your way into the leaderboards.

bubble shooter 2

A classic marble popping Game

Bubble Shooter 2 is a classic arcade game which combines the elements of a puzzle matching and shootinggame into one. There is no need for complicated tutorials before you can enjoy the game-just one look and you would immediately know how to play.

The goal in this game is to clear the screen from all the marbles by destroying them. You can do that by finding a link of three or more bubbles of the same color. The sheer simplicity of the game’s graphics may make the game look simple, but Bubble Shooter 2’s game play makes it more challenging.

While there are no time limits to pressure you in this game, you are only allowed a certain number of misses before another line of balls adds up to the mix. So the more you misfire on finding those combinations of bubbles, the closer you are to your doom. The game ends when even just one bubble reaches the bottom.

You can’t choose or control which color of bubbles are at hand, but the angle from you will fire the bubble is solely up to you. You can control and change the trajectory of your shot by moving the arrow which is located at the bottom of your screen. There are different strategies you can employ to reach those sneak into those impossible to spots between two bubbles.

What are those bubbles worth?

Though it is your aim to always outscore yourself when playing Bubble Shooter 2, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and not care about the score counter as you burst those bubbles away, chain after chain. But if you want to have a more calculated approach to your game as you aim for a new high score, then it is worth remembering what those bubbles and chains are worth.

Each bubble, regardless of the color is actually just worth 10 points each so you get 30 points, the minimum, or more as you fire at combinations. The more bubbles you burst in one shot, the more points you score.

bubble shooter 2

Now, hold up, you say it would be impossible to reach hundreds of thousands in points by popping a handful of bubbles. Well you can chalk up those whopping numbers to the avalanches. The avalanches happen when you pop bubbles to cut off all the bubbles underneath them. Those bubbles that will be disconnected will burst as well, and each of those are worth a hundred points.

Bubble Shooter and Bubble Shooter 2

While these new elements are very subtle and may even be unnoticeable to some who only care about popping those bubbles, there are some differences between Bubble Shooter and Bubble Shooter 2.

One of the changes is the different game mode. There are modes in Bubble Shooter 2 which you won’t find in the first edition like Strategy, Sniper, Arcade, and Marathon.In Bubble Shooter, you usually just choose between three levels – novice, expert or master –if the players want to shake things up a bit. The color scheme or the limit of misses depends of the level of difficulty.

There is also a slight difference in the graphics of the game between the two installments with high-resolution mode available for players of Bubble Shooter 2, but it’s something that won’t throw off those who have been playing Bubble Shooter from the beginning.