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Jungle Blocks

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Jungle Blocks makes simple and beautiful games everyone can enjoy. Jungle Blocks is PennyPop’s classic sliding block game that reimagines the famous puzzle. Play for hours with 240 handcrafted levels across multiple difficulty levels: Casual, Hard, and Insane.

Controls of the Game

You use only your [MOUSE] so time for keyboard to relax

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Try matching colors of bubbles

Try avoiding hitting different bubbles

Stacking many bubbles may cause chain explosions resulting in much more points

Try hitting as many bubbles as you can before time expires

game review

Jungle Blocks is in for 2000 levels, you can ensure hours of entertainment by helping him escape from the claws of the dangerous predators. Jungle block is an addicting puzzle game challenging your logic and patience. The goal is to get the monkey out of the level by sliding the other animals out of the way.